Residential Concrete Waterproofing

MPW can guarantee that your basement will remain DRY for up to 30 years with the proven systematic approach laid out below.

  1. Provide adequate drainage at the footing of the foundation using a 4” round perforated pipe or a form-a-drain. The pipe/form-a-drain is placed alongside of the footing, with clean stone underneath and on top, with connections to the sump pump or draining to daylight.
  2. Spray a membrane on the wall and place a protective insulation board directly over the membrane to protect it during backfill and to provide insulation to the foundation to increase the R-value of the foundation.
  3. We also ensure that there is positive drainage away from the foundation during backfill and final grade on the house. Positive drainage is a simple way of saying that any rainwater that falls to the ground is directed away from the foundation and not towards it.

With MPW, owners can avoid costly waterproofing rehabilitation through appropriate design, correct application and due diligence during construction.